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Sam's Beach Shack is open and the team are eager to greet both new and regular guests.
Freshly prepared food and chilled drinks always available for your enjoyment.
relax on a sunbed and listen to waves gently lapping and washing away all tension.

It's been a bit of a mixed up season here in Goa. first the licences were late being issued due to the big conference at the start of the season and then by the Government Elections and the necessary security measures.
Curfews, restriction of the sale of alcohol, etc.
However this did not deter visitors from enjoying good food and soft drinks down at Sam's Beach Shack.

Sam hosted a great party for Andy Wardle from England.

Goa Tourist Season, Clear Blue Sky and
Sam's Beach Shack in the background
Out of Season picture taken by Sam
during the Monsoon.
No sign of Beach Shacks, just sand, sea and a lonely Lifeguard Station.
Even more
New pictures have been added to The Welcome Page and also to The Recent Seasons Slide Show
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You will also find pictures on the Facebook page.

Please keep your pictures of your visits to Sam's Beach Shack coming in. They are always welcome and we will be able to update our Slide shows and Galleries more frequently.
Other pictures taken on your travels around Goa are very welcome too, this gives our friends and visitors to the website plenty of ideas on what to see and what to do during their visit to our Beautiful Goa.
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Have A Look Around
While your in Goa

You will find  while you are here in Goa, that you are ideally placed to explore even more of this fascinating country. 
Local Travel Agents are able to arrange transport and accommodation allowing you to visit the many Ancient Sites and Beautiful Temples of Goa and it's nearby states.
Have a look at the Around Goa and India Slide Show to get some idea of what there is to go and see.
Sam and his team will be able to give you advice on where to go and how to travel.
There are Travel Agents situated down in Cavelossim
You will also find some Travel Agents advertised on The Travel and Accommodation page.
Your Hotel Concierge will also be able to assist.

There is a translation device towards the bottom of the welcome page to help any visitors who do not use English as their 1st language.
Santa Cruz Club of Cavelossim

 Santa Cruz Club of Cavelossim
Check out Santa Cruz latest

Keep up to date with Goa Football at



Sun Beds will be available for your use on the same basis as last year, i/e free for you to use while having food and drinks at
Sam's Beach Shack.
The good news is that this position will be where you will find Sam's Beach Shack for the next three seasons.
Picture, etc
There are some interesting new links on the
Travel & Accommodation page.
Arranged through Jetways Travels, 
 They are offering some fascinating and luxurious
 tour and stay in
Rajasthan from Goa
Also check out the latest Santa Cruz Club of Cavelossim
 football results.
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Well! now we have gone a step further. We adapted the website so that it can be accessed in an easier to read format on your smart phone.
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So you can catch up on what is happening at Sams Beach Shack wherever you are.
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Please feel welcome to add your message to the guest book page on the main website.
Remember that we welcome your photographs, both recent and ones from past visits.
Please supply dates and a little information.
Visitors to the site really do enjoy looking at them, they bring back good memories.
Allan Rowlands
Currency converter
Below we have added a little tool to help you plan your budget
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A few meals at
 As you can see, the website is continually updated with some new features added ("some of which are interactive") and some old ones tweaked. I hope that you like it and will continue to visit 
and also send in pictures and comments for inclusion.
     On The Welcome page I have added a dedicated
 Goa Search Engine
powered by Google so it is as accurate as they can make it.
 This should be handy for planning what to do
(other than coming to Sam's that is!)
 while you are in Goa.
 On this page there is a current Indian News link so you can see what is going on in and around India, and also a Currency Converter to check how many Rupees to your £,$.€, etc.
The Menu Page is now completed, however there may be some additions, alterations and variations from time to time.
I have added a Translation Tool to the menu page to enable English to be translated into just about any language as required. I hope that you find this is useful.
However, most good good Browsers and Search Engines do have this facility available for you to use.
  When you are on the Recent Seasons Slide show page, there is a gadget with links to various Internet photo sharing websites, very handy if you are looking for pictures of Goa or anywhere else for that matter.
While you are having a look or adding a message to The Guest Book Page, Have a read of Deepak Chopra's words of wisdom, it might stimulate something deep and meaningful for you to add to your message!
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